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2016 Cadet Activities

Group involved

Exercise Tamatu

In the latter part of the recent High School holidays cadets from the Papakura Cadet Unit travelled to the Far North,  meeting up with cadets from the Kerikeri Cadet Unit to take part in Exercise Tamatu.

The exercise was organised by the Kerikeri Cadet Unit and involved the combined Units working with Department of Conservation staff and members of the Rural Fire Service.  They were tasked with cleaning up 2.5km of wilderness beach to the west of Cape Reinga.

The exercise commenced with travelling over 150km to the start point prior to undertaking a 13km tramp before arriving at their overnight camp site. The following day squads were dropped off at various points to begin the clean up of the coast before returning to their night camp site.

During the day debris gathered ranged from large milled timber, a multitude of plastic , coconuts, and a dead penguin. The DoC representatives were most impressed with the energy and discipline of the cadets and are looking forward to involving them in further activities to enhance Northland's environment.

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Sea Cadets rowing one of their boats

Sea Cadet Corps

 "Messing about in boats" is all part of the fun of being in a Sea Cadet Corps unit.

A cadet uses a swing bridge to cross a river

NZ Cadet Corps

Serving with a NZ Cadet Corps unit gives you the chance to get into out-of-the-way places

Cadets prepare a glider for launching

Air Training Corps

The opportunity to go gliding attracts a lot of young people into the Air Training Corps.

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